“Be mindful of how you are coming across because perception is reality.”

Chantal Burns “Instant Motivation

Communication Skills Training

In a survey conducted in Canada, people travelling on a bus were asked how well they communicated. The survey found that people thought it best and more professional to communicate face-to-face, yet were still too reserved to do so and still used their mobile devices more.

How would you feel when approaching someone for a business deal? Could you see yourself doing a presentation in front of hundreds of delegates? Would it make sense to be able to communicate with your boss to get that pay rise you want? How do you come across to others when speaking to them?

At EysiumNLP we run communication skills courses tailored to suit your needs. Whether it be for a corporate enterprise or for your own benefit, we all need to be able to communicate more efficiently.

Venue Etiquette is one such course. An insight into better understanding of self and of others behaviours and an opportunity to learn new tools and techniques to help communicate more effectively with clients and team members in order to create a more inviting atmosphere.

Discover how to improve your communication skills by contacting us and booking one of our courses today.