Coaching – Careers Coaching – Transitioning

Mentors normally focus on providing knowledge, understanding and direction, but have been known to help in your improvement as a person when you allow yourself to become the subject. Mentors focus on providing you sage advice and wisdom gathered through experience and knowledge when you ask for their insight.

Advisors will give their own input on things. They tend not to get involved in your problem but will certainly have their own view how to solve it.

Consultants are hired to resolve you issues with the experience, knowledge and resources they have. Generally they don’t help to develop your skills or performance, but will work with you to find a solution and implement it with their ideals.

In Coaching we don’t actually offer advice or tell you what to do – we coach a client how to utilise his/her own capabilities, strategies, values, etc. Coaching draws on principles and techniques from a range of psychology based disciplines to encourage people to develop their own potential, performance and well-being.

In summary;

  • A Mentor – shows you how to do it, as they have done it before
  • An Advisor – gives you advice specific to the problem
  • A Consultant – does it for you
  • A Coach – helps you to do it for yourself

Changing careers or deciding to go in to self employment is a big decision to make at the best of times, especially when you have been required to follow orders for a number of years. Transfer the skills you have acquired whilst serving in the Armed Forces or in another field of employment and realise the potential you have to make it elsewhere.

We can help you notice how your thoughts can affect your behaviour and actions at interviews. Realise your job values and how they play a part in your decision making for your ideal career. Gain the clarity, communication, motivation and confidence to move forward.

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