There is a positive in every negative, all it takes is drawing a line.

Think about it, a negative sign looks like this “-“. It’s associated with negativity. A minus, something being taken away, a decrease, deduction, a loss of something. It never appeals to anyone in that manner.

Now imagine that negative sign simulating your timeline, a single horizontal line connecting your past to your future. One long minus indicator. Your past seems to have no end. It continues through your life. That’s because you carry it along with you, now and in to your future, dragging every negative event each time something undesirable happens to you in to the present.

With a simple vertical line through the middle it becomes a “+”. Just by putting one single line through the middle of the negative creates positivity. By splitting the line your past and your future become separated. That line represents the now, the present. Even looking at a “+” sign increases positivity. A benefit, an addition, an increase, an advantage. A definitive line that changes everything. By adding that line, it becomes a support, a stronghold, a barrier.

Think of that line drawing a close to all the issues and problems of your past. It’s there to stop the flow of your past. Putting that line in the middle and splitting the past and the future, it could just be like the proverbial “drawing a line in the sand” as they say.

Now that line looks like the plus/addition symbol your thinking becomes a lot different. You think positive, feel happier, upbeat, lighter, confident, a sense of gratification, a sense of relief maybe.

When you think of your past, you are usually looking back at all your old issues and problems. How, if things were different back then your life now may be different or a lot better. You carry those issues with you as you go along, constantly dipping in to the past or using past experiences as excuses. You think how you would be in a better job, how you could have been married – or single!

That past could be 20 or 50 years ago, or even just 1 year ago. It could be 5 minutes ago, its still the past. That single line offers a supporting beam by stopping your past taking over your timeline. Like a beaver builds a dam to stop the water flowing, you too can stop your past flowing over.

With that line in the sand now drawn, you can now create your future by bringing together solutions, creating a unique plan to what you want to achieve going forward in your life.

After that line is an open space. A void that needs filling. A blank canvas for you to write or design your own future, a future you actually want. All you need before that line will be information, learnings of what went wrong, what went right. You can pick at the learnings you need because they will be lined up waiting for you, not you having to carry them with you.

I put this theory to a young learner and she tried to dismiss it. “What about Third World hunger?” she said.

“What about all the aid they get now, and how all the other countries have rallied together to help?” I replied. “Isn’t that a positive?” A negative to a positive.

I met a man recently who ran & owned an old model and toy shop. He had some fantastic items in this store and a lot of things that were quite nostalgic and some brought back memories of my own childhood.

The owner wore two pairs of spectacles at the same time, and around his neck hung several lanyards with passes attached to them.

We got talking as he showed me around his store, making sure I didn’t trip over his bed which was a mattress on the floor in the basement. He told me he was bipolar and had a breakdown in the ’70’s, suffered depression for many years, yet now he was the most positive person in the world.

He went on to say he had written a letter to parliament in the past, and it was actually read out to David Cameron requesting all the news on tv, radio and in the newspapers be changed to nothing but positive news. He reminisced on how positive the news was back in the 1950’s, how it kept everyone positive after the war and into the Great Depression.

He showed me the passes around his neck. As I had expected, they were passes for access to the British Grand Prix. He had gone on the Friday for pre-practice day and he enjoyed it so much he didn’t want to take them off!

He spoke with great pride of his conversations with some influential people and those that had done some great deeds years back, people I had no idea of, yet I was so immersed in his conversation it didn’t matter.

I told him of this blog, of a positive in every negative, and I found myself feeling very humbled and honoured of his response. He said “I like that. I think I’ll use it.”

Clearly this was a person who had actually put my thought and ideal in to practice years before. He had had all the materialistic things and then lost them all through stress and depression. However, now he made his own choices. He has an intention of selling his store and just concentrate on restoring old toys and models, even at the age he was and the struggles he was going through. A truly amazing person.

Can you be like him? Can you draw a line and create a positive future?

You may think how scary it is with all that empty space in front of you. Yet again, that dreaded fear of the unknown. What a load of crock! It never ceases to humour me when people say that. Tell me, are you scared of your Christmas presents? After all, its unknown what’s inside the wrapping. Of course you’re not scared, you’re excited!

Think of it like you get a live charge, a huge buzz from the positive side of a battery. Imagine how everything in your life now can be a buzz, an electric charge running through your body.

So it’s your future. Its an exciting time ahead if you want it to be. You can create it and now mould it in to what ever you want it to be. Because your past is now firmly stuck behind that barrier, that simple vertical line you have put in place.

Now everything is positive (“+”).

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