“An event is an event. The meaning we place on it, and therefore how we feel about it, is something that is more under our control than we might think.”

– Jeremy Lazarus “Successful NLP

Stress related issues such like; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, phobia’s, and others such like these, are not incurable diseases. They can come from a traumatic event that may have happened at some point in your life. The symptoms may have come from anything ranging from abuse, a traffic accident, losing a loved one or your job, or from serving or working in a high risk environment.

When serving with the Armed Forces you are given a duty care when it comes to dealing with the likes of PTSD and such like. But where does that care come from in civilian life or in the private security industry, especially in high risk areas? The answer to that is right here with us.

Whatever the symptoms or issues, ELYSIUM NLP can help you gain control through various  techniques which will help you recognise when you are accessing that behaviour and understand the learnings of it to change for the better.

We can also help with you stop those cravings you have, weight loss through changing your mindset, or you are looking to give up smoking and have tried other methods to no avail. Maybe theres an inner conflict going on inside you or your looking to build confidence and motivation and direction to move forward in your life or your career. Are you having relationship issues and want to have more peaceful and fulfilling life?

For us to help you, you could start by helping yourself. All you have to do is click on our “Contact us” page and make the first move.