“Not Everything. Not Yet”

A quote I just read from one of the Batman Trilogy films. I was trawling through various others looking for one in particular when I saw this and it made me think.

In the film Batman is in a conversation with Selina Kyle who is trying to talk Batman into leaving Gotham. She says, “You don’t owe these people anymore. You’ve given them everything.” Out of context these words have little meaning, in context they resonate something completely different.

I passed a comment to a friend about learning more when I returned from an intense course I had just done. She said “Don’t you think you’ve done enough learning with what you’ve just gone through?” She meant it in a positive and caring way and it was a fair comment to make.

But will it help me progress if I just stop where I am now? There’s the “Course Junkies” who really are just procrastinating essentially but they are continually learning. Great Masters of Martial Arts don’t stop at what they have learnt, they are continually learning how to perfect techniques and create new ones.

Whilst away on a course, I was with a small group of people and we went to visit a particular tourist spot. Along the way there are several steps to climb and as I have this crazy habit of running up these types of things one of the other guys decided to do the same. However what he didn’t know that was that just when he thought he had reached the top, it levelled off before another series of steps! It’s not easy to do especially in hot weather as well. He thought he couldn’t make the next stage so gave up.

We could be opening our minds to new and exciting things if we choose to. The initial reason for me bringing attention from the Batman quote, is just when you think you have give everything you have to something, whether it be a particular project, some coursework you have to complete or a course you have to prepare for, whether it’s being out on the field and thinking you have put every effort into your game and you have nothing left in the tank. You probably had that very same thought several times previous to that moment and not realised it. Yet you did find something else inside you to push forward. You had a sudden spurt of energy. You had a reflection of what you will achieve at the end. You may have thought about your children or partner and what you will be able to give them or show them. All these thoughts and more will come to mind but the main point is that you found something else in the tank.

It is far easier to give up and say you tried. It is far easier to say you have given it your all. It is far easier to say, I can’t do it now I have something else to do. We all want an easy life. Or do we? What will it give us? What will we learn if we quit at the first hurdle every time? Or even after a couple of hurdles in to the race.

The quote from the movie I was initially looking for was “It’s not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us.” Since hearing this it has been imprinted in my mind and surfaces from time to time. It is about what we do that creates us. Distinguishes us from others.

We can achieve our goals if we put our minds to the task in hand. When talking to my friend she mentioned a time when I said that having a goal doesn’t work. What I had meant at the time was that my main goal was not achievable. But she made me realise that maybe that goal wasn’t necessarily in the same context I had thought it was. Maybe that goal was still achievable it just needed reframing a little. It suddenly made me rethink what I had said.

Now, whenever I think I have given everything, I can rethink and say “Not everything. Not yet.”

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  1. Awesome post, Darren. Totally agree with the sentiment. There is always more!

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