Your head is not just a hat rack.

It contains a mind that constructs and fashions your internal representations, your thoughts. It processes vast amounts of information every second to create them. It is a highly tuned machine, a top of the range computer loaded with data from your experiences, your values and beliefs and decisions, meta programs that build your personality, an unconscious cog that runs your body 24 hours a day, every day, without you even having to stop and think about breathing.

This incredible mechanism gives us have the capability of changing our thinking in gaining our goals or achievements. Einstein claimed “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.”

Which brings about how our thoughts can also scare us to death! Thoughts that change our focus, our direction, on to a never ending path of doom and disappointment. The kind of thinking that gives us the courage to stand and fight, can also have us freeze and hope it all blows over or has us running for the hills. It can invent a world of trouble, confusion and heartache.

We can conceive the most brilliant of ideas, yet let ourselves down from our most destructive thinking. When we think destructively it becomes a pattern of behaviour and our problems cascade like a line of dominoes. One thing bad happens and then all we see is more problems.

Yet when we have lined those dominoes up and pushed the first one, and they have all fallen over, they create a picture, a symbol, a magical creation that arises from the mass of destruction laid before it. We too can create something magical if we allowed our thinking to change. Our thoughts can be like the phoenix that rises from the ashes.

Have you ever looked at the clouds and imagined shapes in them? Lying on the grass on a warm, sunny day. You look up to the sky and let your mind wander, be free, and create images that aren’t actually there.

That is what we do with our destructive thinking too. We create a problem. We see something that doesn’t register instantly within our thinking, our values may even be disrupted, our internal representation is different possibly through how we have deleted, distorted and generalised the information that has passed through our minds. We catastrophize the situation and create a whole world of trouble and issues for ourselves. Rather than stop, take a breath and ask the right questions in the right manner to get the right answers.

We have all seen those silhouette images right? The ones that look like one thing, then in the blink of an eye look like something else. We too can look at things differently, in a better light if we choose not to let our conscious mind run away from us. Sydney Banks said, “Thought is not reality; yet it is through Thought that our realities are created.”

I remember being out with a friend one time. We were on our way home and we had to pass a cemetery. We were getting close to it when we saw what looked like a ghost! It was a figure like shape, glowing bright in the darkness, whatever it was wearing was loose fitting and flowing in the gentle breeze of the night air. We were both transfixed on what we were watching. We were so frightened yet so energised at what we were perceiving, we had to rush over to get a closer look at this manifestation. When we got there we realised it was actually some plastic sheeting over a freshly made headstone with a street light shining on to it!

From reading a book on hypnosis by Tad James, he says “In considering the wonders of how the Unconscious Mind works, we continually bump up against the question of What is real? This is strictly a question of the Conscious Mind, because at the Unconscious level, nothing is ‘real’”

He goes on to to say “If we have rapport with our Unconscious Mind, we will have all the resources we need to create the future of our dreams.”

Milton Erickson once said, “Patients are patients because they are out of rapport with their own Unconscious.”

We can turn a simple phrase or picture someone has sent to us and put us in to a fit of rage and condemnation. However, if we stopped to look at it a different way, we could end up dancing around the living room with elation and excitement.

When you see something that doesn’t conform with your thinking, stop for a second and think what your next thought is going to be.

In fact, do that now (providing you’re not driving a car, using machinery or flying a plane!) …stop what you are doing, now. Stop, and think what your next thought is going to be, now.

I bet you are all confused aren’t you now, yes?

Well that’s because you have just hit the reset button in your mind. You cannot think what your next thought will be. But you know you didn’t think of something negative, and your mind will be a lot clearer, maybe a little muddled, but clearer.

Changing our thinking doesn’t mean we are changing our minds and giving in. It is about looking at things in a different way, the way it could actually mean. If we can think negatively, we can think positively too, we just need to allow ourselves to do it.

So remember, “it’s up there for thinking, down there for dancing!”

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