Everyone wants to talk…

But nobody willing to speak


Lots of chatter…

Although no real conversations

People rushing around…

Yet blank expressions as if they haven’t a clue why


Trains, planes and shops filled with bodies…

However, none willing to say a word to another


Mobile phones, iPads and portable laptops…

Misconstrued emails, misinterpreted texts, still no sound


Excitement at meeting someone for the first time…

Scared to death at what to say first


Looking for a new partner…

All we do is swipe left or right, and hope


Have some important news to share…

Though never know the words to express it


A couple at a restaurant to spend a loving evening together…

Faces down and into their phones to check the latest on social media web sites


Want to be honest and open…

Yet closed and deflected answers to avoid “possible” consequences


A list of questions that will get you to your goal…

Doubt rushing through your mind at the thought of being laughed at


Children say the strangest things…

Adults think too much


An opportunity of a lifetime…

Too much time wasted on thinking and not enough asking, then the opportunity passes by


Whatever it is you have to say…just say it!

Have you ever watched two people who are deaf talk to each other? They never seem to stop! They seem to enjoy conversing with one and other.

We are our own worse enemy when it comes to communicating with another person. I hear “What will they say back?” or, “I’m scared of the unknown!” If we don’t know what it is, how can we know to be scared of it?

There is a line in a song I heard;

“All of the faces,

staring at their shoelaces.

All of them wanting to be seen”

And it is quite true. We all go around with our faces looking downwards. We walk whilst texting, dodging or bumping in to people. We avoid eye contact as much as possible, just in case someone wants to start talking to us.

I was speaking to someone via my phone in a supermarket. When I got to the checkout I apologised to the lady behind the counter serving me for being on my phone whilst paying for my groceries. She said; “Nobody has ever apologised for that before. Thank you.” The fact I at least acknowledge her was enough and she didn’t consider me to be just another rude customer.

It came to mind about a certain dating web site. All you have to do is swipe the screen to the left or to the right depending on if you like that person or not. Most of us are too bothered about rejection to actually approach someone face-to-face and talk to them. They never have the words to say, never confident to make the first move, panic at the idea of embarrassment.

I have always encouraged my children to say what’s on their mind even if they are scared to tell me. If I was unhappy at what they said, at least they were honest and open enough to tell me.

On the flip side, if you have an opinion be mindful the other person has one too. We may not like it, but equally they may have a valid point that we could possibly learn something from. And be sure you get your opinion across too, in the right way.

A friend sent me a text one Monday morning saying, “Have a fab week.” My reply was “You too. It sure is going to be an interesting one!”

By that I meant we will all learn something new by the end of the week. Isn’t that interesting enough? Isn’t that a wonderful thought? To know you will have gained some knowledge come the weekend? How about sharing that knowledge with someone else?

Think of it this way, you now have something to talk about, even if the rest of the week has been dull and uneventful. There is no excuse not to talk now when you are sat having a meal or drinks with your partner or a friend, on the first night out you have had in ages. Put your phones away, talk to the other person stood or sat right in front of you.

An old friend of mine used to talk to me and get irritated at me for answering my phone. When he talked to me, his face was so close to mine our noses almost touched! It saved me a fortune as I didn’t need to buy any alcohol to get drunk, I just had his breath!

But I never moved away, because that was how he was. I didn’t back off, as that would have broken rapport and possibly broken a good friendship. When I look back, the fact he wanted to talk was actually incredible. He is one of the funniest guys I have the pleasure of knowing, and to be so insolent to keep picking up my phone makes me annoyed with myself. I miss his sense of humour and the conversations we did have.

Come on people. We have all been given the gift of speech, whether it be verbally or visibly. So use that gift to the max, and remember “Communication” isn’t a place in China!

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