Have you ever wondered what it is about two boxers who get pitted together, verbally abuse each other before a fight, may even start fighting at the press conference? Then they go to battle in the ring, dodging, punching, working out a way to get that killer blow to take out their opponent…

…only to hug and praise each other at the end?

Have you been having many a battle in your mind lately? Do you have that initial thought process of a fight going on in your head and ultimately, your life?

Are you struggling with issues or how to come terms over something?

Are you fraught with the decision to start something – or maybe stop something?

Is your business combatting against the opposition, pitting against each other to gain the upper hand in the market?

So many questions, all that could be nagging at you, confusing you, aggravating you, causing all forms of trouble in your life or business, or both!

When are you going to praise yourself for all those accomplishments you have gained? When are you going to give yourself a hug at the end of it all?

Have you ever considered giving yourself a break, and if you’re going to look back to the past and look at all the negatives in your life, why not look back at all the positives and accomplishments that you have done?

If you are intending on living in the past, go back and remember all your past achievements and then give yourself a certificate for each one. You can get a template of your choice on a number of web sites or on a Word document. Find something you have achieved, no matter how small or large, then put it on a certificate.

You may or may not want to print it out, as you will probably notice that you have achieved so much in your life that it will cost you a fortune in paper and printer ink! But save it on your pc or laptop so you can go back time and time again to remind yourself.

Whatever you are thinking about the past will become irrelevant, now.

Give yourself a massive pat on the back – WELL DONE YOU! Awesome job!

You have conquered mountains. Hurdled huge boundaries. Taken on the might of all those that have challenged you. Good for you Braveheart!

Now go and hug all that has befallen you. All that has stood in your way. Go and embrace the naysayers that stood before you in the arena and before in the press conference of your life. That have even verbally abused you in saying you didn’t have a hope in hell to beat them.

But you did.

Now that you have redeemed your yourself and achieved yet another milestone and eradicated those negative thoughts, it’s time to take on your next challenge. What is it you want to do next? You may as well choose something now that you are on a roll.

Come on Champ, what will it be?

Are you going to climb Mount Everest? Ascend the sides of Michipitchu? Trek the plains of the Sahara? Take the leap of faith across the zip wire at Go Ape? Take on the kids at Laser Quest? Don the marigolds, face mask and apron to tackle the blocked up u-bend?

It’s time to decide. The world is your oyster as the saying goes. You can set up your own business. You can beat the competition. You can take on those battles in your mind, the issues that have plagued you for so long now.

Find the solutions, not the problems. Immerse yourself in your new way of thinking. Drown your inhibitions and go forth to be the best. Punch, kick, scream, gouge, slash, bite, do anything it takes to what ever stands in your way!

You are the man (or woman!). You are the conqueror. You are the one, the only. There is no equal to you and your new approach to life. Woe betide the fool that thought those defeatist thoughts. Run up those stairs in the house and jump up and down outside the bathroom like Rocky Balboa and scream “I AM THE GREATEST!”

Then come back down, put the kettle on and hug the cat that’s looking at you all bemused!

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