A presupposition of Neuro Linguistic Programming; where it is assumed one thing causes effect on something else……

April 2013, booked my place on a course that I knew would be tough. It needed preparing for, needed just as much work and effort getting ready for it just as much as it would do attending it.

The course was probably one of the most important things I would ever take on, certainly when it came to raising the level of business and prospects. I had heard lots of feedback from others that have attended the course over the years all saying much the same thing. It’s not easy.

September 2014, two days until I fly out and I’m chasing my tail. Rushing around trying to get as much of the work I should have done, done!

None of the work I should have done over the last sixteen months had been properly completed. Little time had been spent preparing, learning, and revising. Preparation sheets uncompleted. Oh there had been times when I got one of those “motivated” moments and listened to the odd MP3 download, playing the odd audio c.d. in the car but nothing to the magnitude of what was required.

Just before leaving for that far away place I reflected back over the past months leading up to then. I put blame to other people for pulling me back. I put blame on work commitments impeding necessary learning. I put blame to circumstances for not having my head in the right place. I put blame on anything and anyone I could. I even wondered if I could put blame to spending time with those I needed to spend more quality time with.

I was going out there totally unprepared. I wasn’t prepared mentally as well as practically. I even tried to get out of going but was told it wouldn’t be the best choice to do so. My mind was all over the place, But what good was it putting blame to all except the one person who was to blame for the lack of preparation and commitment. Who was at the effect end of the scale?


At the end of the day the work had not been completed. At the end of the day I didn’t do the work that others had done without complaint. I didn’t have enough “motivated” moments but should have made more of an effort to create them. The blame fell to me for not being strong enough to say “NO” to myself and putting my mind in a state of procrastination and denial.

The end result was too close to call. It took effort beyond the norm to pull it all together and not fail when the time came. Good luck for once came to my aid. Sure I put the effort in, eighteen-hour days over a period of three and a half weeks surely wasn’t part of the plan. Good people around me used up their quality time to help me, support me and push me. They believed in me when I just wanted to quit.

I always maintained before I left that the time out there wasn’t a jolly holiday. This was not some luxury vacation but nearly four weeks of hard work and nothing was going to be easy. In the end the effect caused the result. The effect has caused me to have newfound motivation and determination to succeed in everything I do now.

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