Aspiration – definition; a hope or ambition of achieving something…“The needs and aspirations of the people”

Do we do something for a reason or because of a reason?

Truth or dare? Do we do something for the thrill of the dare or the truth of what we want to do?

We listen, review or comment on our communication of ourselves and that of others, but what about the communication we have within ourselves?

There have been people who scoff when others offer aspirations. They look down on or dismiss positive aspirations to help pick them up, give them hope or just help to make the other person feel happier or confident. You may scoff, but the thing is we give ourselves aspirations all the time, generally negative ones.

I’m probably one of the worst culprits of this! A self acclaimed Pessimistic optimist, as I like to call myself. I look to the dark side and anything positive is a bonus. Is that good or bad?

But over time and certainly with the help of NLP, I’ve had my eyes opened to what I have achieved rather than what I haven’t. This is something we can all be guilty of. We never take for granted what we have achieved in our lives. It could be the simplest or the smallest thing but it is still an achievement.

Have you passed your driving test? Have you had children? Did you pass any exams or complete any courses? Did you complete an extra set at the gym or run an extra 20 metres? Did you wake up this morning and get through a difficult day?

Basic, simple accomplishments that we can give ourselves credit for. How many times do we joke and say “Well that’s my good deed for the day!”? That is an accomplishment and something we can remind ourselves. We can do that and know we have been aspired. We can communicate within ourselves by remembering those aspirations.

Through the communication model, we could take in an event; this could be our “good deed”. For what purpose would it hold for us to delete the information, or distort it to take away the positive aspect, or generalise as if it’s a common thing to do.

If we can give ourselves negative aspirations, we can also give ourselves positive ones. The choice is ours and ours alone. What will your good deed for the day be today? Either way, don’t scoff just remember what you have achieved, communicate that to yourself, smile and pat yourself on the back.

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