Is it just me or do we all have a habit of lying in bed, and just as you start to drift off to sleep you start to think of new ideas, schemes or realisations?

As I lay there in the dark, I started to think of a new story to tell and this was all to do with the realisation of the kind of journey’s we take through life.

For me it started when I had my first job, working as a Sales Assistant for a Sportswear and Equipment retail chain, moving on to other sales jobs and in between having our first child. Coming from a childhood based around uncertainties, being bullied and such, this stage was all about being an adult, adapting to the change we incur as we start off in the real world.

“That’s nothing new!” I’m sure you’re all saying right now…bear with me.

From working in sales I then found myself moving in to the arena of debt recovery, working in some of the most violent areas in and around Manchester. A thankless job but one that opened my eyes to understanding people more.

Following this career came working within the security industry. This career path started with attending courses then working as a Doorman in some quite diverse venues in Manchester, ranging from the kind of venues you wipe your feet on the way out, to venues frequented by the rich and famous.

Then continuing on to working on the “Circuit”, being part of the “elite” security protecting anything from people to their homes or cars, to even protecting race horses.

From working in these two areas I found myself improvising to be able to handle any situation that may – and did at times – occur. Yet again it helped grow my people watching skills and look at the behaviours of others in a particular setting.

Then came the journey of discovery. The discovery of myself and overcoming the elements of negativity, overcoming language and the art of communication, overcoming the past, overcoming my thinking.

As I lay in bed thinking, the unofficial slogan of the US Marine Corps motto: “adapt, improvise and overcome” made me think how the journey of your life can actually be laid out. But what also came to mind is why do we have to discover ourselves later in our lives rather than at the beginning? From my time practicing some of the ancient martial arts, we never learn everything about the art we study, we are constantly thriving to find new ways to perfect a technique.

The same goes with our lives, we are constantly discovering new ways to adapt, improvise and overcome. From a recent conversation with a friend it also comes down to perseverance. Discovery could be our way of persevering through life, and if we look at it in this context it feels much less of a strain.

So as you start your day today, when you are contemplating how to adapt, improvise and overcome your daily routine, rather than thinking of the stress and getting through to the end think of what you may could discover whether it be at work, with a friend or partner or more importantly, in yourself.


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