There I was, hobbling along on crutches, as well as carrying a heavy backpack, both my legs wrapped in specially designed “leg braces” to hold the bones together and keeping me from bending my knees. I was walking along the platform of the station wondering where the hell do I get my next train!

After alighting one train I needed to get to my connecting train within ten minutes. Just then I saw a guy who looked like a train guard, and in my best efforts quickly shuffled over to him to enquire where to get my next train.

He was really helpful and even walked with me over to the notice board to get the timings of my next shuttle as there had been many cancellations and delays that day. He enquired over my condition and what I did for a living. I gave him a brief of the reason for my injuries and told him I coach people to find solutions to resolve personal issues and behaviours amongst other attributes and help to motivate people.

“Ah yes,” he said, “but you can only be motivated if you have the capacity.” What an interesting concept and way of thinking I thought. Does this man think and believe that you have to have everything at hand to be motivated? I couldn’t get any more from him as he was on his way and typically, I needed to get right across to the other side of the station to the right platform where my train would stop at.

Throughout my journey I couldn’t stop thinking of what this man had said to me. What did he actually mean by “having the capacity”? 

Was it needing the room or space? Was it the role or function? Could he mean the faculty, power, aptitude or even the competence to achieve what you desire? Does one think you have to have a certain “capacity” to do what you want to do? Surely he had got this wrong.

We all have the capacity to do things. We have all the resources within us to be motivated, we just need to bring them to the fore. I guess we all have this mans’ blinkered thinking at times and that is the reason we believe in the barriers we place in front of ourselves. Though this is far from the case.  

Who would consider walking to the local shop in my condition, let alone travelling around the country on a train, and certainly not when the weather was as bad as it was. The whole country was covered in a thick blanket of snow, travelling had come to a practical standstill, people struggled getting out of “A” let alone “A to B”. Yet here I am, after incurring serious injuries to both my legs, hopping from platform to platform, train to train.

Now I’m not saying I should be on some form of plateau, I’m more likely to be labelled a complete nutter! My doctor, hospital consultant and physiotherapist probably think so already. However, I have been so determined that this unfortunate occurrence was not going to hold me back in any shape or form and I would find all the resources within me to continue with my everyday life as much as I could. 

My point is, that if we have to find the capability to do things then we’re likely to be doing a lot of soul searching and no doubt a lot of procrastinating. And I can guess that is exactly what most of you are doing right now?

Do you really need the funds straight away, just to get started on that project you’ve been dying to get off the ground? Do you really need a car just to get to the corner shop, or could you put a little effort in and walk there which would in turn help you stay fitter? Do you really need to get matching clothing so you can start getting fit or lose the weight you want to shed, or do you consider the treadmill a catwalk? Do you really need provocation to move you forward?

“We are all prisoners of our own minds” as the saying goes, that includes thinkingwe need something when all we need is ourselves to change the way we perceive what is stopping us. Motivation is not some form of extinct source. It comes more natural than we think. It’s innate in all of us, we just have to unlock it and let it flow. I recently read a phrase; 

Just as an athlete trains his body to perform, one can train the mind toward healthy thinking”

We look for inspiration from others, yet how about inspiring yourself or even better, you being the inspiring one to others? Someone once said to me “I need a purpose in life!” My reply to that was, “How about your life being the purpose?”

You have the motive in whatever you want the motivation for. Whether it’s to get fit, start a project, achieve a goal, the impulse is within you as long as you have the enthusiasm to do it. Your main focus should be starting it. Find a solution to success, the desire be determined, the stimulus to stimulate the mind and body, to get on that conveyor belt to completion. 

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a couple of months now, and I’m doing just that at 22:30hrs, sat in bed and determined to finish it. What was the capacity I needed to do it? None. I started it, I just needed to finish it. 

I saw a great quote the other day; “Approach the start of each day with one thing in mind and end the day with one word…DONE.” If there was one thing you needed to do tomorrow, what would it be? Could you actually get it done? If you like doing lists, why not create a “DONE!” list?

A guy I worked with a few years ago once told me a quote that I’ll never forget. I was undecided on doing something and said I would do it another time. “Why put off until tomorrow what you could do today?” was the remark I got. Whatever it was I had to do, certainly could have been done there and then and I had no real reason to put it off other than procrastinating over it.

Just like a good book there’s a start or the intro, a middle which could be the plot and an end which I guess is the finale or conclusion. What on earth am I talking about you may ask. 

Well let us say for example it’s a fitness thing you have in mind. To start with you don’t need to buy the top branded clothing you just need to find a t-shirt and shorts or jogging pants, a good pair of trainers may be useful depending on what exercises you are going to do. If its at home, you may not even need trainers. You just need to introduce yourself to a fitness program or an instructor.

The middle, or the plot is you start a workout. Nice and gently. You can’t skip a few pages or you will lose the trail of the story, or in this case you try to go beyond your capabilities get injured and end up not doing any more training. 

The end is the target or outcome you set yourself at the beginning that you will eventually get to. That could be your target weight or the number of miles you set yourself to achieve. It could even be the six-pack abs you always wanted to show off on your next summer holiday. The conclusion to the story is the result you aimed for. The you move on to your next “book”.

Of all that, where was the capacity you needed to find the motivation? There isn’t any. Finding the capacity is just another excuse of getting out of it and the pathetic reason to blame the universe for not achieving anything.

It’s like looking for your spectacles when you have them on your head. Or looking for your phone, when it’s in your hand and you are already talking to someone on it. Looking for your car keys, when they are still on the side where you left them last (or in my case, in the car itself or in the fridge!). 

Another appropriate phrase I just read was, “You attract what you are, not what you want. If you want to be great, be great”. If you want to be motivated, you just have to stop looking for something that’s already within you. 

There is a positive in every negative, all it takes is drawing a line.

Think about it, a negative sign looks like this “-“. It’s associated with negativity. A minus, something being taken away, a decrease, deduction, a loss of something. It never appeals to anyone in that manner.

Now imagine that negative sign simulating your timeline, a single horizontal line connecting your past to your future. One long minus indicator. Your past seems to have no end. It continues through your life. That’s because you carry it along with you, now and in to your future, dragging every negative event each time something undesirable happens to you in to the present.

With a simple vertical line through the middle it becomes a “+”. Just by putting one single line through the middle of the negative creates positivity. By splitting the line your past and your future become separated. That line represents the now, the present. Even looking at a “+” sign increases positivity. A benefit, an addition, an increase, an advantage. A definitive line that changes everything. By adding that line, it becomes a support, a stronghold, a barrier.

Think of that line drawing a close to all the issues and problems of your past. It’s there to stop the flow of your past. Putting that line in the middle and splitting the past and the future, it could just be like the proverbial “drawing a line in the sand” as they say.

Now that line looks like the plus/addition symbol your thinking becomes a lot different. You think positive, feel happier, upbeat, lighter, confident, a sense of gratification, a sense of relief maybe.

When you think of your past, you are usually looking back at all your old issues and problems. How, if things were different back then your life now may be different or a lot better. You carry those issues with you as you go along, constantly dipping in to the past or using past experiences as excuses. You think how you would be in a better job, how you could have been married – or single!

That past could be 20 or 50 years ago, or even just 1 year ago. It could be 5 minutes ago, its still the past. That single line offers a supporting beam by stopping your past taking over your timeline. Like a beaver builds a dam to stop the water flowing, you too can stop your past flowing over.

With that line in the sand now drawn, you can now create your future by bringing together solutions, creating a unique plan to what you want to achieve going forward in your life.

After that line is an open space. A void that needs filling. A blank canvas for you to write or design your own future, a future you actually want. All you need before that line will be information, learnings of what went wrong, what went right. You can pick at the learnings you need because they will be lined up waiting for you, not you having to carry them with you.

I put this theory to a young learner and she tried to dismiss it. “What about Third World hunger?” she said.

“What about all the aid they get now, and how all the other countries have rallied together to help?” I replied. “Isn’t that a positive?” A negative to a positive.

I met a man recently who ran & owned an old model and toy shop. He had some fantastic items in this store and a lot of things that were quite nostalgic and some brought back memories of my own childhood.

The owner wore two pairs of spectacles at the same time, and around his neck hung several lanyards with passes attached to them.

We got talking as he showed me around his store, making sure I didn’t trip over his bed which was a mattress on the floor in the basement. He told me he was bipolar and had a breakdown in the ’70’s, suffered depression for many years, yet now he was the most positive person in the world.

He went on to say he had written a letter to parliament in the past, and it was actually read out to David Cameron requesting all the news on tv, radio and in the newspapers be changed to nothing but positive news. He reminisced on how positive the news was back in the 1950’s, how it kept everyone positive after the war and into the Great Depression.

He showed me the passes around his neck. As I had expected, they were passes for access to the British Grand Prix. He had gone on the Friday for pre-practice day and he enjoyed it so much he didn’t want to take them off!

He spoke with great pride of his conversations with some influential people and those that had done some great deeds years back, people I had no idea of, yet I was so immersed in his conversation it didn’t matter.

I told him of this blog, of a positive in every negative, and I found myself feeling very humbled and honoured of his response. He said “I like that. I think I’ll use it.”

Clearly this was a person who had actually put my thought and ideal in to practice years before. He had had all the materialistic things and then lost them all through stress and depression. However, now he made his own choices. He has an intention of selling his store and just concentrate on restoring old toys and models, even at the age he was and the struggles he was going through. A truly amazing person.

Can you be like him? Can you draw a line and create a positive future?

You may think how scary it is with all that empty space in front of you. Yet again, that dreaded fear of the unknown. What a load of crock! It never ceases to humour me when people say that. Tell me, are you scared of your Christmas presents? After all, its unknown what’s inside the wrapping. Of course you’re not scared, you’re excited!

Think of it like you get a live charge, a huge buzz from the positive side of a battery. Imagine how everything in your life now can be a buzz, an electric charge running through your body.

So it’s your future. Its an exciting time ahead if you want it to be. You can create it and now mould it in to what ever you want it to be. Because your past is now firmly stuck behind that barrier, that simple vertical line you have put in place.

Now everything is positive (“+”).

A while back I achieved the next level in my quest to gain a Dan grade, black belt to those that don’t know what that is, in one of the oldest martial arts called Ju-jitsu. I didn’t think my performance was good enough, that’s more down to me wanting to be perfect at whatever I do. Read Full Article

Whilst working with a group of students that have challenging behaviours and come from challenging backgrounds, I realised their lexicon mainly consisted of every second word starting with the letter “F”! Im sure you can understand exactly what I mean. So I said to them all, “there is no “F” in communication.” Read Full Article

Your head is not just a hat rack.

It contains a mind that constructs and fashions your internal representations, your thoughts. It processes vast amounts of information every second to create them. It is a highly tuned machine, a top of the range computer loaded with data from your experiences, your values and beliefs and decisions, meta programs that build your personality, an unconscious cog that runs your body 24 hours a day, every day, without you even having to stop and think about breathing. Read Full Article

“YOU’RE A FOOL! What are you doing?”

“What on earth are you doing you bloody idiot?!”

That’s what I was saying to myself (as one does) as I got out of the shower and stood in front of the mirror. It reminded me of similar time when I was screaming those words in my head. I was stood at the top of some wooden climbing frame that lead up to the zip wire, the last apparatus of the assault course that featured on the old television programme “The Krypton Factor”. Read Full Article

Have you ever wondered what it is about two boxers who get pitted together, verbally abuse each other before a fight, may even start fighting at the press conference? Then they go to battle in the ring, dodging, punching, working out a way to get that killer blow to take out their opponent…

…only to hug and praise each other at the end? Read Full Article

“STEREOTYPE: Class, typecast, tab, pigeonhole, categorise, sort, put down as…”

Recently I saw a post on a particular social media web site and I felt quite agitated about it. The post referred to a group of people working in the security industry by others in the same arena. There has always been that banter, battle, competition between rivals in any business, there is the competition between departments of those businesses too, this can be healthy and profitable to a company as it increases profits, however, and this is just my opinion, in security it can go beyond a critical level and belief that darkens this vocation. There is more testosterone in the air than a bodybuilders locker room! Read Full Article

“Change is the law of life. And those who only look to the past and present are sure to miss the future.”

– John F. Kennedy

Some say they don’t like change, yet there is so much that doesn’t; there is still a lack of communication, that hasn’t changed. Companies and people still thrive on negativity, no change there. The weather in the UK is still the same and the England football team still cannot win a major tournament! Need I say more? Read Full Article

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.”

– Einstein

Whilst out with a some friends a few weeks ago, one friend started to discuss her son and his last employment. She had assumed that he had been “pushed out” from his last post due to a comment he had made to his manager. Read Full Article

A short and thoughtful moment came to mind the other day. I recently met up with a group of drivers. The conversation was all about how one of them, a new guy on the driver training course had been doing really good in his first week, then was terrible the week after. They couldn’t understand the reasons for the sudden change in his behaviour and how those changes had come about. Another driver was talking about how he had done really well for the first twenty minutes on his driving lesson, but after slightly touching a curb went on to make two or three other mistakes straight after. Read Full Article

Is it just me or do we all have a habit of lying in bed, and just as you start to drift off to sleep you start to think of new ideas, schemes or realisations?

As I lay there in the dark, I started to think of a new story to tell and this was all to do with the realisation of the kind of journey’s we take through life. Read Full Article

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.” 

Winston Churchill

I’ve just been running in rather bleak weather conditions. Whilst out there in the wind, the rain, the cold, it came to my mind; why don’t you do this more often? Is it because it’s too cold? It’s too wet? Or maybe it’s because you just think running is boring? What it is, is all in your thinking….

Read Full Article

Mark Zuckerberg has started a book club and says he will read a book every other week. He said “My challenge for 2015 is to read a new book every other week — with an emphasis on learning about different cultures, beliefs, histories and technologies.” Read Full Article

Aspiration – definition; a hope or ambition of achieving something…“The needs and aspirations of the people”

Do we do something for a reason or because of a reason?

Truth or dare? Do we do something for the thrill of the dare or the truth of what we want to do?

We listen, review or comment on our communication of ourselves and that of others, but what about the communication we have within ourselves? Read Full Article


A presupposition of Neuro Linguistic Programming; where it is assumed one thing causes effect on something else……

April 2013, booked my place on a course that I knew would be tough. It needed preparing for, needed just as much work and effort getting ready for it just as much as it would do attending it. Read Full Article

“Not Everything. Not Yet”

A quote I just read from one of the Batman Trilogy films. I was trawling through various others looking for one in particular when I saw this and it made me think.

In the film Batman is in a conversation with Selina Kyle who is trying to talk Batman into leaving Gotham. She says, “You don’t owe these people anymore. You’ve given them everything.” Out of context these words have little meaning, in context they resonate something completely different. Read Full Article

The storm is building, getting closer. I quickly change to go for a run.  A friend role their eyes at me, they think I’m mad!

I don’t want to waste any time so I decide not to bother stopping to stretch, this will be stretching to say the least but I am determined to enjoy the bad weather. The lightening strikes, the thunder roars around me and the rain is starting to come. Only a short distance has been covered when the rain comes down with a vengeance, lashing at me as hard as it can. I open my, eye of the storm is looming, getting louder and closer. I look up and smile. This is my kind of weather.  That’s right. This is my time. Read Full Article

This may seem like an odd question, and it’s a really important one.

In your life, are you in the driving seat? Are you in control of where you are going, making the decisions about which direction you take, being responsible for everything that happens along the way, or is someone else driving and you are merely a passenger, looking out the window as the world passes you by?

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