11004567_10152711409118457_5752842529718352819_oWith a background of careers ranging from customer service to protecting influential people, I found it imperative to be aware of my language to deal with those around me and when in difficult situations.

Whilst working in the Close Protection industry I found there was very little communication between people whether it was with management, between colleagues or even the client and that this also continued in every day life. I also noticed there was little or no support for friends and others after being put through traumatic events or changing careers.

Then I found a way to change all that, through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). It showed me the tools and techniques that would help people understand themselves, how their behaviour and their perception of things was projecting to others and how they could communicate better with everyone around them.

And so ElysiumNLP was created – to bridge that gap and provide the support, tools and expertise to people who want to move forward in their life and to be the best they can be.


If you would like to know more about us and how specifically our services can benefit you, please contact us now via our contacts page or directly via info@elysiumnlp.co.uk

I look forward to hearing from you.